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Pieces: 21

Heiner is one of the more challenging Lock-Nesters to assemble, he's also one of the coolest. His pieces accentuate the lankiness of his body, creating a very close relationship between the look of the pieces and the overall model. He appears to be pretty upset, but won't bite.

Heiner usually ships within 6-10 days, varies by demand. He is produced using PLA, a non-toxic bioplastic derived from corn starch.

Heiner Assembled Dimensions:

w:10.8" h:6" d:3.25"


Design your own Heiner!

Get custom Heiner!


Leverage the full power of on-demand manufacturing with a completely customized Heiner!  Simply color the pieces with palette to the left.

1. Select you color.

2. Choose pieces to color.

3. Rotate to check out your design.

4. Repeat until Heiner is looking great!

All Custom Heiners are created at Lock-Nesters HQ in Brooklyn, NY.  Custom Heiner usually ships in 8-12 days.