Thanks for taking the Lock-Nester survey!  We very much appreciate your comments and opinions of the Lock-Nesters, they will be extremely informative as we further develop our products.  All of the information you submit will be without name or email, we will receive only responses, so please feel free to respond as candidly as possible, with praise and criticism alike. 

Please offer your general impression of the Lock-Nesters.
I enjoyed assembling my Lock-Nester.
I have assembled and taken apart my Lock-Nester multiple times.
I would buy a Lock-Nester again!
I would recommend the Lock-Nesters to a friend.
I approve of the Lock-Nester packaging and assembly sheet.
I am interested in the Lock-Nesters because they are 3D printed.
I am intrigued by the geometry of the Lock-Nesters and the idea of a 3D puzzle.
I bought a Lock-Nester:
Which of the following would you be most interested to see in the Lock-Nesters?
Which is your least favorite thing about the Lock-Nesters?

Again, thank you very much for taking the survey.  

As a thank-you we'd like to offer %20 off any future Lock-Nester purchase, just use the code 'survey' at checkout.  

In case you're still shopping for Holiday gifts, order by December 18 to ensure Christmas delivery.