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Suima is the most challenging of the five-piece Lock-Nesters. It's relatively simple to get Suima's early connections made, but finding the final one is tricky. Choose above which Suima you would like and she will be delivered to your door.

Suima's 3D printing process requires support material to produce her organic geometry, orders from the US have the option of receiving support material intact or removed (see last picture). To remove supports snap them off her body and use the included sandpaper to smooth areas where the supports were connected. Smoothing will ensure that Suima's pieces fit together well. Suima usually ships within 6-10 days, varies by demand.

Suima is produced in collaboration with 3D Hubs using PLA, a non-toxic bioplastic derived from corn starch.


Piece Count:


Suima Assembled Dimensions:

w:4" h:3.3" d:3"


Mini-Suima Assembled Dimensions:

w:3" h:2.5" d:2.25"