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The Lock-Nesters

Puzzles are usually flat or create a symmetric shape. The Lock-Nesters (US Patent Pending) challenge this notion by wrapping up and out at every angle to form a three-dimensional object. With pieces snaking in all directions, the Lock-Nesters challenge us to think about assembly in a new way. 

The Lock-Nesters are not made of standardized parts or an accumulation of pixels. Pieces are designed in relation to their own geometry, giving each model a distinct characteristic and seams that accentuate its form. The Lock-Nesters utilize fabrication methodologies that rely on digital files rather than physical molds, meaning that the cost of customized parts is equal to those that are standardized.

Each Lock-Nester is healthily obsessed with his or her geometry. Instead of a piece of sculpture that has surface only on the exterior, the Lock-Nesters required that the exterior, interior, and middle surfaces of their pieces all be thoroughly designed. It is the middle surfaces that most help the pieces fit snugly. The concave or convex nature of these surfaces, as well as the model's overall curvature in that area, determines whether two pieces will hold or fall apart.


Fleet Hower scope: project conceived of, executed, and produced by Fleet Hower Design Office

Photography: Amanda Vincelli