Design and 3D Printing for Creative Professionals


Saturday/Sunday in October 2015:

October 17/18, November 21/22


Design and 3D Printing for Creative Professionals is a hands-­on, project based, weekend-long intensive workshop covering the foundations of digital 3D design for 3D printing. Taught by Fleet Hower, the course will explore software applications as well as the in-depth technical underpinnings of digital 3D design to create beautiful physical models.

  • Learn techniques to design and create digital models to send directly to a 3D printer
  • Design and 3D print a beautiful model of your work to take home
  • Learn and use industry standard modeling software
  • Previous experience not required

This course is run in collaboration with Make Mode, Brooklyn's premier 3d printing fabrication company. To sign up or find more information about the course, visit their registration page HERE!

Thanks! Hope to see you soon!